Lynn Bue - CUPW Canada

Women must be part of the strength and brains of the union.

When we had a serious on-going problem in my work place, the union stepped in. The strength and intelligence of the union activists made a deep impression on me. Because of this, I got involved in my local. As I learned labour history and the role of unions in the fight for social justice, my commitment deepened.

I am grateful to have met many courageous and inspiring activists within my union and from around the world. The union pushes us to analyze the world around us and to learn new skills. I became the first woman chief negotiator for my union and I was given the opportunity to serve as president of UNI Americas Postal & Logistics Committee and president of the UNI Americas Women’s Committee. I could never have imagined this when I started at the post office.

My political activism started in the women’s movement but I believe the best place to address the barriers for women and all equity seeking groups is through the collective action of labour. Women must be part of the strength and brains of the union. That means we need to be part of the leadership on the floor and in the union halls.

We have many challenges in our future but there can be no better way to face these than shoulder to shoulder with our union brothers and sisters.